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Full Time  / 5 Years experience

Posted 19 Jul, 2021

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Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

The Centre Leader leads by fostering a shared vision among staff and nurtures professionalism and a culture of care, respect and collaboration within the Centre. As a mentor to Senior Pre-school Teachers and Senior Educarers, the Centre Leader inspires professionalism through role modelling, and guiding the staff in designing and implementing a holistic curriculum. Working with the Lead Teacher1, he/she sets the tone for learning, nurtures teamwork, and develops structures and processes to facilitate sustained collaborative partnerships with stakeholders. The Centre Leader is also responsible for managing Centre operations, including Human Resource Management (HRM) and crisis management, and ensuring that Centre operations adhere to industry regulations.


Developing the Child Holistically


Curriculum & Pedagogy

  • Drive the design, implementation and evaluation of teaching and learning approaches (Centre Leader)
  • Inspire a love for learning through leading the design of curricula and programmes at the centre (Centre Leader)
  • Lead in integrating the core values of early childhood education within curricula and programmes at the centre (Centre Leader)


Learning Environment

  • Work with the Lead Teacher to establish quality learning environments to support learning of children


Interactions & Relationships

  • Mentor staff to enhance caring, trusting and respectful relationships with children (Centre Leader)


Health, Safety & Nutrition

  • Establish policies and processes on appropriate course of action for the protection of children (Centre Leader)
  • Establish health, safety, nutritional and hygiene standards and procedures


Collaborating with Families and Community


Family & Community Partnerships

  • Lead in developing strategies to establish collaborative partnerships with families (Centre Leader)
  • Establish a centre-wide culture of professional collaboration with community stakeholders (Centre Leader)


Building Professional Capacity


  • Professional Mastery
  • Establish a culture of continuous learning (Centre Leader)
  • Develop team leaders through capability development and coaching
  • Contribute towards a learning organisation
  • Foster initiative and enterprise in teams
  • Establish strategic processes and structures to engender a culture of mentoring


Professional Values & Ethics

  • Establish a culture of professionalism (Centre Leader)


Building Organisational Capacity


Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Establish a culture of collaboration within the centre (Centre Leader)
  • Lead workplace communication and engagement
  • Solve problems and make decisions at managerial level


Visioning & Planning

  • Establish buy-in and uphold the vision, mission and values of the centre
  • Drive centre’s initiatives, systems and processes and look into coherence of plans
  • Manage and review systems and processes
  • Manage resource planning
  • Display critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Build capacity of colleagues through effective human resource management and development
  • Lead team leaders to develop business strategies and governance management
Job Requirements

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – Leadership (DECCE-L) or equivalent

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A charitable organisation founded by the PAP, committed to nurturing a multi-racial, fair, just and inclusive society by providing educational, welfare and community services.