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Language Teacher

Permanent  / 3 Years experience

Posted 19 Jul, 2021

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Job Description

Key Responsibilities (to assist in all duties below):


The Trainee Teacher creates a secure and quality learning environment for children through fostering meaningful relationships with them. He/she supports the holistic development of children through implementing a developmentally and culturally appropriate curriculum, and nurturing trusting and respectful relationships with children. The Trainee Teacher is intentional in building partnerships with parents and families, and actively engages in centre initiatives to support its collaborative efforts with the community. He/she works closely with colleagues and contributes to a culture of collaboration and collegiality. As an early childhood educator, the Trainee Teacher engages in continuous learning and reflective practice.


Developing the Child Holistically


Child Development

  • Apply understanding of how children (birth to age 8) learn and develop (Beginning Pre-school Teacher)


Curriculum & Pedagogy

  • Evaluate teaching and learning approaches aligned to Curriculum Frameworks
  • Apply classroom management strategies, and strategies to observe and document children’s learning
  • Inculcate the core values of early childhood education through classroom activities and programmes (Beginning Pre-school Teacher)


Learning Environment

  • Set up quality learning environments (Beginning Pre-school Teacher)


Interactions & Relationships

  • Foster trusting, respectful relationships with children through positive interactions with them
  • Guide the development and enhancement of self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and confidence in children


Health, Safety & Nutrition

  • Adhere to health, safety, nutritional and hygiene standards, and procedures (Beginning Pre-school Teacher)
Job Requirements


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