Sunningdale Tech Ltd

Manufacturing Engineer

Permanent  / 0 Year experience

Posted 13 Sep, 2021

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Job Description

Lead a team of technicians and operators to optimize productivity
Liaise and work closely with customer to manage the corrective action and resolve quality issues promptly
Responsible for generating and implementing of all production related procedures such as Work Instructions, Standard Operating Procedure and Control Plans

Job Requirements

Able to work on 12 hr rotating shift.  Possess knowledge in PLC Programming, 8D Methodology and ISO900

About Company

SunningdaleTech Ltd is a leading precision tooling, plastics injection moulding and precision assembly company providing a broad spectrum of capabilities that include product & mould designs, mould fabrications, ultra-precision high cavitations toolings, precision injection moulding with finishing processes like spray painting and laser etching, through to precision assembly of complete products.

Sunningdale Tech Ltd has a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Mexico. We are focusing on serving four key business segments including Automotive, Consumer/IT, Healthcare and Tooling.

We believe that our employees are our most important asset.  As an employee, you’ll benefit from an environment of engaged colleagues, thought leadership, and opportunities for career advancement and recognition. 

Be part of the leading high-precision engineering and manufacturing technologies!