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Cell ID Pte Ltd

Operations Manager

/ 10 Years experience

Job Description
  1. Provide inspired leadership for the company. Lead in strategic review of the factory operations in the following aspect - Manufacturing, Planning/Warehousing, Quality-Operations.
  2. Make important policy, planning, and strategy decisions. Coordinate and direct through subordinates, all operational functions including asset utilization, inventory management, manufacturing, layout, manpower utilization, facility and environment management, work standards and administration.
  3. Develop, implement and review operational policies and procedures. Prepare and justify operating budgets and proposals for capital expenditure and investment in infrastructure, technology, equipment, or other assets and resources.
  4. Manage the allocation and control of all resources to facilitate organization’s growth and sustainability, such as Operations expenses, capital plans/budgets, headcount requirement, equipment capacity planning, justification and coordination with procurement department.
  5. Play leadership role in developing, providing and institutionalising the process of continuous improvement in accordance with organisation’s goals and objectives. Provide technical leadership to equipment team for new technologies and sourcing of new equipment.
  6. Manage operational cost, plan and execute strategies to enhance profitability of the factory, achieving/exceeding productivity and efficiency targets and ensuring that the quality standards are being met.
  7. Liaise with customers directly if necessary, to discuss/negotiate on factory related issues.
  8. Ensure compliance with corporate and local government legal requirements, HSA and ISO 13485 requirements. Work with internal teams to ensure the operations meet the audit and ISO 13485 requirements.
  9. Collaborate with the R&D, Sales and RA personnel during the design and development stages of new product for samples production and establishment of supporting manufacturing processes.
  10. Responsible for ensuring and documenting that all operations employees receive and follow appropriate department training including Health and Safety training. Implements, emphasizes importance of, and monitors compliance to appropriate safety policies and procedures.
  11. Assist HR with recruiting when necessary.
Job Requirements
  1. Degree in industrial engineering, or biochemistry or business management or electrical electronics
  2. 10 years relevant working experiences in ISO 13485 certified facility; Able to motivate employees to achieve operation objectives.
  3. Ability to actively communicate with all levels of staffs.
  4. Able to quickly ascertain a situation and be decisive in solving it.
  5. Able to manage time efficiently to meet production deadlines and customers' expected delivery dates.
  6. Able to drive productivity, produce high quality product and to achieve customer satisfaction.